Share a Smile through Printed and Digital Greeting Cards

07/26/2013 01:17

cards for holidays and occasions

Birthdays, Christmas, little triumphs, major life milestones, important celebrations, or just because you miss the people whom you care about is something that you can expressed through a message in a greeting card. Greeting cards have been popular for many people and despite the emergence of social media networks; people are still fond of sending their personal greeting through a printed card. Today, things just got better—these illustrated, folded cards containing messages of love and friendship cannot be only sent through print, but also digitally that it can reach its recipients in split seconds.
Greeting Cards for Business
Did you know that greeting cards are now also used as a marketing weapon? Yes it is! And whether you believe it or not, it effectively works. However, we are not saying that you do this for the sake of business and without any hint of sincerity because if you do, better go for other promotional materials than to send a message you do not mean. Greeting cards are meant to be given in special occasions, and must be sent with a heartfelt purpose—this is how you make lasting business relationship with customers.
Greeting cards can be an effective marketing tool if you will use it right. Sending your customer or client one is an indication that you have listed important events in their life that you made them remembered through a card. Even though some customers know that it is a part of a marketing strategy, still it is the thought that counts. If you are promoting a new product of service, offering a discount or freebie coupon to that card will surely be appreciated. Digital Business Cards as another added promotional tool can be helpful too.
E-Cards vs. Printed Cards
It is not new for the people to use the internet to send holiday messages and greetings online. Though this comes with a major advantage which is environment-friendliness (going paperless), many of us still wanted to receive that chic printed card where we can see the handwriting of the sender. Not only that we can read it again and again without opening our computers or printing it for our personal safekeeping, printed cards are something we can directly keep into our box of memento.
E-cards however have their own set of advantage and often applicable for people who are in a rush. If your friend of family member is a jetsetter, then an e-card would be more appropriate. If compared, we can say that there is no best among the two because the best is the best in your personal preference.
DIY Greeting Cards
All tools are available in the web from designs to tutorials if you want to create a greeting card that you will enjoyable send to your loved ones. Whether you like to have it printed or you prefer to go digital, the choice is yours. So grab that cool gadgets and start painting digital graphics or creating even the basic text. The coolest gadgets are around to make your life easier especially in times like this.