Promotional Prints For Start-Up Business

06/18/2013 03:33

Whether we admit it or not, advertisements has been a daily part of our lives. It became a major factor to influence our purchase decisions, and through them we are educated about the benefits a product can bring. Effective printed materials are no exception. When our interest has been caught by them, it can make us consider the products/services they offer, or better yet, we create a mental note that we need to purchase that brand as soon as we visit the stores.


Many business owners are maximizing the potential of effective print ads. Aside from the powerful message written in the advertisement, businesses ensure that it is clear and visually pleasing enough for the audience's benefit. Creating beautiful prints is not limited for promotional materials alone, this also works for party invites and non-profit announcements. People who are working behind makes it a point that the receivers will be impressed by the end product as it mirrors the reputation of the sender.

promotional business marketing

If you are a business owner who are interested to create promotional prints for your marketing campaign, there are long list of print types you can use. The variety of options can be overwhelming if you haven't made a choice yet, but the good rule of thumb is to know your market first and assessing your budget. For business start-ups working on limited funds, this may impose another challenge especially if you are prioritizing quality. However, do not put much pressure on yourself. As what we have mentioned earlier, there are plenty of choices among promotional prints that you can use, and all you have to do is to choose among all what fits best your budget and advertising needs. Here are few print types that can drive your start-up biz to the next level.


Brochures, Pamphlets, or Leaflets

Brochures come in different faces, sizes, and shapes. They can be a miniature booklet, a single sheet, two-fold or three-fold paper containing information about your company and its product/service offerings. There are different ways you can distribute brochures to your target market. You can mail it directly to your prospects, hand it directly to people in populated areas in your locality, or can be placed in a rack outside your store. Since brochures are usually small, they contain direct and concise information that can be thoroughly read in one sitting.


Banners, Posters, Billboards 

Banners, billboards, and posters are types of large format prints. While billboard is more expensive than its smaller counterparts—banners and posters, it is effective in drawing the attention of large number of people. For start-ups, banners and posters can be mounted in your store-front to get the attention of the public passing your shop. They also functions great when announcing/offering seasonal promotions, new arrivals, and product discounts.


Creating promotional materials are not as easy as what others may think it to be, it requires lot of mind-works, not to mention the efforts of looking for the right printing services provider. Yet despite all the challenges it bring to entrepreneurs and businesses, the rewards are all worth it.