Banners: Functionality and Cost-Effectiveness in One

07/06/2013 03:22

bannerNo matter what type of industry you are in, banners can be used for promotional purposes. Whether you are a business owner trying to promote a new product, services, or announcing a seasonal promotion, banners are a useful way to go. Compared to many mediums of advertising, banners, the same with billboards and signage cater to the general public thus giving you a widened scope in the market.

The benefits of using promotional banners:
  • Cost-effectiveness, fast, easy to make. Banners are one of the most cost-effective ways to   advertise your business in a wide market  . Instead of investing in other types of promotional print, having a banner instead can do the same purpose without hurting your pocket much. Definitely, to maximize budget-saving, you should also go for a printing company that offers reliable services for less. 

  • Versatility. Banners are ultra-versatile as you can hang them almost everywhere. If you are planning to hold a promotional event indoors or outdoors, banners can be attention grabbing enough to make a statement on both venues.

  • Durability. There are different types of banners that you can use to promote your business, but the most popular are vinyl banners. If you noticed, many banners that hang on the busy streets of our places could last for months, standing the challenge of heat, wind, and rain.

The types of banners you can use:
There are plenty types of banners that you can use at trade fairs, exhibits, and shows to promote your brand, products, or services. The printing and the design are two main factors that can affect your promotional banner. Banners should be catchy and interesting enough to get the attention of people. Whatever promotional material you post, your corporate identity will be at stake so as much as possible focus on quality.
The type of promotional banners you use should differ according to your display area which can be indoors or outdoors.
Vinyl Banners
Vinyl banners are the most popular type of banner used today because they last long whether used indoors or outdoors. Since made of waterproof material, and printed using UV-resistant ink, vinyl banners can stand both rain and sun. It can be quite costly to print custom full-colored vinyl banners; however, digital printing introduced a cost-effective way to print full-color banners for positive customer impact.
Mesh Banner
Mesh banner is best used for windy outdoors. This takes out the efforts of creating wind slits when hanging regular vinyl banner. Creating these slits can tear your banner in half that is naturally a waste of investment. Mesh banners are made of vinyl strands woven to create a crisscrossed surface to allow the air to pass through without damaging your promotional material.
Fabric banners
This is the type of banner that can be best used indoors. Since it is made of textile, it creates a more sophisticated finish great for business fairs and formal events where you may need a more professional-looking material that offers more than the benefits of a glossy vinyl.